About Us

From the very first release in 1997 FinancePlus accounting software was developed for wholesalers, importers, distributors — any business selling products and/or services to other businesses.

Back in those days it was way ahead of other SMB accounting systems in terms of multi-location inventory management and foreign currency transactions. 

By the early 2000s FinancePlus software had matured into a very fast, feature rich, yet still easy-to-use accounting system for small and mid-range businesses with annual turnovers ranging from $3M to over $600M.

In 2008 FinancePlus was placed in maintenance mode while continuing to support our many customers.

The old FinancePlus accounting system continues to be used by many wholesalers/distributors and it still out-performs most SMB accounting systems. Today our largest active customer has 32 people using FinancePlus, generating more than 90,000 invoices in a year.

If you run an inventory-based business and you’d rather have your accounting data on your server rather than in the cloud, then FinancePlus may well be the answer you are looking for.  Connectors with cloud-based applications, like online shops, are available and can be customised to your specific requirements.

The new FinancePlus is under development. In essence it will replicate all the great features of the classic FinancePlus, but using modern coding technologies and opened up to API integrations with other applications.